It's play time at ACE BAR! Come check our game room. We currently have 2 POOL TABLES, 2 lanes of SKEEBALL, DARTS, BIG BUCK HUNTER, PINBALL MACHINES, BOARD GAMES, 120" HD Projection screen, and don't forget our very rad VINTAGE LUNCHBOX COLLECTION!

Check out our Vintage Lunch Box Collection! Over 100 original luch boxes and thermos from the Golden Age of Lunch Boxes!

....There was a time not so long ago that the lunchbox was the ultimate in personal expression. Your lunchbox showed who you were and who you aspired to be. It sent a signal to your peers that marked you as a cool kid or a dork depending on the choice of your metal food container.....

Find out more about the history of lunch boxes and it's Golden Age from this article [click here for full article].


One of America's favorite past times, Skeeball has been an arcade and game room favorite for over 100 years!

Ace Bar is the place for Skeeball in Manhattan and was the birthplace of the first competitive Skeeball League in the United States! We have two lanes open for rollers - all the time!

"Best Jukebox in New York City"

ACE BAR's jukebox has won numerous awards including "Best Jukebox in New York City" by Rolling Stone Magazine, The Village Voice, The New York Press and New York Magazine! Come see why and "... put another buck in the jukebox baby!"